IYS Integration

Unlocking Digital Communication with İleti Yönetim Sistemi (IYS)

In a groundbreaking move on March 10, 2021, Turkey introduced İleti Yönetim Sistemi (IYS), reshaping the dynamics of commercial electronic messages. This pivotal framework intricately manages communication permissions, consumer choices, and legal obligations, influencing how businesses and consumers engage in the digital sphere.

Empowering Communication through IYS

At its core, IYS, or the "Message Management System," acts as a gatekeeper, directing the flow of commercial messages while granting consumers control over their preferences. Senders undergo a mandatory registration process, disclosing crucial company details, while consumers utilize the IYS platform to articulate personalized communication preferences, ensuring a dynamic and responsive system.

  • Navigating IYS Rules: Compliance and Consumer Control

IYS mandates a comprehensive registration process for senders, emphasizing compliance with potential fines for incomplete or non-compliant registrations. The platform places communication control in consumers' hands, allowing seamless opt-in or opt-out mechanisms, with automatic processing of requests to fortify regulatory frameworks.

  • The Significance of IYS in the Digital Realm

IYS plays a pivotal role as a guardian of consumer rights and privacy, fostering a respectful digital space. Simultaneously, it propels businesses forward by tailoring marketing strategies to consumer preferences, ensuring higher engagement. Beyond efficiency, IYS acts as a compass for businesses, navigating digital regulations, fostering trust, and offering streamlined message management.

  • Netmera's Crucial Role in IYS Integration

Businesses navigating IYS complexities often turn to Netmera for streamlined services. Netmera facilitates seamless integration, automates IYS processes, and ensures continuous monitoring for accuracy. Its expertise in data synchronization across channels, utilizing Rest API and SDK, adds a layer of reliability to the integration process.

Steps to Integrate IYS to your Netmera Panel

Integrating IYS with your Netmera Panel is a straightforward process, consisting of three simple steps to seamlessly enhance your data security and message management system.

  1. Access the Connectors Section: Access the Connectors section within your Netmera panel. Locate the list of "Available" connectors.

  1. Choose Data Security / İleti Yönetim Sistemi: From the available connectors, choose "Data Security" > "İleti Yönetim Sistemi" and click the "Install" button to initiate the integration process.

  1. Configure IYS: In the provided spaces, input your "Brand Code" and "IYS Code" This crucial step activates the IYS connector within your Netmera account. Once the installation is complete, proceed to configure IYS to tailor it to your campaign requirements.

Important Reminder:

Ensure you have your Brand and IYS codes accessible from your IYS account, as these details are necessary for a seamless integration process. By following these steps, you'll be well-equipped to leverage the full potential of IYS within your Netmera environment.

By diligently following these outlined steps, the synchronization of all your users with IYS becomes a systematic and efficient process. The synchronization commences on the night of installation and progresses in batches until all users are seamlessly integrated.

Setting Up and Configuring Netmera in the IYS Panel

Navigate to the 'İş Ortaklığı' section of your IYS Panel and search for 'Netmera' by using the name shown below. Once located, authenticate Netmera on your IYS panel by ensuring that the "Message Permissions," "Call Permissions," and "Email Permissions" options are enabled, as depicted in the image below. This step will facilitate the seamless transfer of permissions to Netmera, ensuring optimal integration functionality.

In summary, İleti Yönetim Sistemi (IYS) revolutionizes digital communication in Turkey by combining consumer empowerment, legal compliance, and efficient messaging. Netmera, as a trusted partner, brings expertise to simplify the integration and management of IYS for businesses navigating modern communication complexities. Together, they create a respectful and efficient digital landscape for businesses and consumers alike.

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