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March, 2024

Enhanced Export Feature📤

Enjoy a more streamlined and user-friendly export process with the improvements made to the export page, enabling seamless data extraction and analysis for informed decision-making. Now you can manually trigger your FTP exports daily, add desired events, external IDs to your reports, and more. Please visit our page dedicated on Export for further information.

Improvements on Retention and Cohort Screens📊

Experience enhanced visuals and new and improved retention and cohort screens. We've worked to make the experience smoother segmentation and analysis capabilities in the new and improved retention and cohort experience. Please visit our page dedicated on Retention and Cohort for further information.

February, 2024

Sending Coupon Code Information through SMS and Push Messages 🎟️

Improvements of Funnel Analysis 📊

Dive deeper into your data to track user interactions and optimize strategies with advanced analytics capabilities. These updates make analyzing your data simpler and more efficient, empowering you to stay ahead of the curve and maximize impact. Stay tuned for these exciting updates on Netmera's platform. You might see the updates on Create New Funnel.

Different Custom Sounds for Message Variants 🔊

This new feature allows you to personalize your messaging experience by adding custom sounds to your campaigns. After selecting "Add" to your push campaign variants, you now have the option to choose custom sounds for iOS and Android for each notification variant. This update provides you with greater flexibility in tailoring your messaging experience, ensuring that notifications resonate with your audience on all languages and platforms.

'Get Web Push Permission' Action with Design Web Widget

When the "Get Web Push Permission" action is integrated into a component designed using the Design Web Widget, triggering this action prompts the native permission pop-up on the corresponding website. Upon user consent, the notification permission data is seamlessly synchronized with the Netmera panel. For further details, please visit the relevant page on Click Actions.

Personalized Subtext

Spin to Win - Design Enhancements

We've fine-tuned your Spin to Win experience with a host of exciting update. We've conducted a preliminary review of the current Spin to Win integration and, based on the findings, we've crafted design improvements with your needs in mind. Here's what's in store for you. You may also visit the relevant page Spin to Win.

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