Sending Timely Notifications in your Digital Territories

What is Geofence?

Geofence, short for geographical fence, is a virtual perimeter defined around a real-world geographic area. In the realm of Netmera, Geofence serves as a powerful tool to enhance user engagement by delivering real-time notifications when individuals enter or exit designated physical locations. This innovative feature enables businesses to create personalized and location-aware communication strategies.

Geofences Tab Overview

To access the Geofences tab and gain valuable insights into your location-based strategies, follow these steps: Navigate to Targeting > Geofences.

The Geofences tab provides a comprehensive overview of your created geofences:

ID & Geofence Names: Displays the IDs and names of previously created geofences in your panel.

Groups: Shows any groups associated with the geofences for organizational purposes.

Entry and Exit Counts: Provides information on the number of entries and exits to the geofence location.

Status: Indicates the current status of each geofence as "Active" or "Passive".

Actions: You may edit, delete or continue using your geofences with these icons.

You can easily search for specific geofences or groups by typing the name in the "Enter Geofence or Group Name" field.

Creating a Geofence

Targeting -> Geofence -> Create Geofence

  1. Navigate to Geofence Creation:

    • Start by going to the "Targeting" section in Netmera.

    • From there, click on "Geofences" and then select "Create Geofence."

  2. Name Your Geofence:

    • Give your geofence a name that clearly represents its purpose or location. This will help you identify it easily later.

  3. Optional Grouping for Organization:

    • If you're managing multiple locations or campaigns, you have the option to create a group. This helps keep things organized.

  4. Specify the Location:

    • Decide on the location of your geofence. You can do this in two ways:

      • Search: Use the search field to find the exact location you want.

      • Map: Alternatively, you can directly select the location on the map using the Circle option.

  5. Determine the Size:

    • Set the size of your geofence by specifying the distance from the chosen center point. This defines the area where your geofence will be active.

Advanced Option: Manual Selection

For precise geofence customization, use the Polygon option to manually draw the geofence area on the map.

  1. Complete the geofence creation by clicking the "Save" button.

Publishing Geofences to Devices

Targeting -> Geofence -> Publish to Devices

After creating a new geofence, it is essential to publish it to devices. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Geofences tab.

  2. Locate the newly created geofence.

  3. Click the Publish to Devices button.

Why do I need to Publish to Devices?

This action triggers a silent push notification to the devices, ensuring that users receive timely and relevant information based on their location.

That's it! You've successfully created and published a geofence in Netmera, empowering you to engage with your users in a more personalized and location-aware manner. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our support team for assistance.

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