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The World of Tailored Analytics

Settings -> Reports -> Report Settings

In the ever-evolving landscape of data-driven insights, the "Report Settings" section takes center stage, offering you a realm of customization and precision in the realm of reporting and analytics. Here, the power is in your hands to sculpt your reporting experience exactly as you need it.

Custom Real-Time Analytics

Ever craved the pulse of real-time analytics? You're in for a treat. This section lets you set up real-time monitoring for specific metrics, delivering insights as they unfold. Whether it's user interactions, engagement spikes, or campaign performance, you'll have your finger on the pulse of your data, instantaneously.

Custom Real-Time Analytics in Netmera provides valuable insights into various key metrics related to user engagement and app performance. The metrics are updated in real-time, enabling app owners and marketers to monitor user behavior and app performance as it happens.

  1. Active Sessions

    • An active session represents a period of user interaction with the mobile app.

    • It starts when a user opens the app and ends either when the user closes the app or becomes inactive for a specified period (e.g., no interaction for a certain time, like 5 minutes).

    • The active session metric allows app owners to understand how many users are actively using the app at any given moment.

    • It helps in tracking the app's usage patterns and identifying peak activity times, which can be valuable for scheduling campaigns or understanding user behavior.

  2. Real-Time Revenue

    • The Real-Time Revenue metric provides insights into the revenue generated by in-app purchases or other revenue-generating events within the app.

    • This allows app owners and marketers to track the performance of the app in real-time.

    • This metric is particularly important as it enables tracking of immediate sales and revenue from specific campaigns or offers.

    • It helps in assessing the effectiveness of promotional campaigns or marketing strategies in real-time.

  3. Real-Time User Activity

    • The Real-Time User Activity metric provides information about user interactions and activities within the app in real-time.

    • It includes actions like clicks on buttons, views of specific screens, interactions with UI elements, or any other custom-defined events that the app tracks.

    • This metric is highly customizable and can be tailored to track specific user actions relevant to the app's goals.

    • It allows app owners to understand how users are engaging with the app at any given moment, helping them identify popular features, potential bottlenecks, or areas for improvement.

    • By tracking real-time user activity, app owners can quickly respond to issues or opportunities to enhance the user experience.


You may make timely and informed decisions based on real-time user engagement data. It enhances the app's performance, optimizes user experiences, and drives better outcomes for marketing campaigns and revenue generation.

Time Intervals

Campaigns and continuous messages thrive on timing. With the "Report Settings," you're the conductor of time intervals. Define when reporting snapshots occur and watch as your campaigns unfold on your terms. It's a symphony of control in the rhythm of your business strategies.

Custom Time Interval Selection for Campaigns

When you create marketing campaigns (e.g., push notifications, in-app messages, email campaigns), you have the option to select the time intervals for monitoring the campaign's performance and results. These time intervals determine how frequently you receive reports and insights on the campaign's performance.

For example:

  • Time Interval 1: 1 Hour(s): This means that Netmera will provide you with campaign performance reports every 1 hour. You can see how many users received the campaign, how many engaged with it, the conversion rates, and other relevant metrics in real-time or near real-time.

  • Time Interval 2: 3 Hour(s): This means that you'll receive campaign reports every 3 hours. If you choose this option, you'll get fewer reports compared to the previous interval, but it's still relatively frequent, allowing you to monitor campaign performance throughout the day.

  • Time Interval 3: 12 Hour(s): With this option, you'll receive reports twice a day. This interval is less frequent, suitable for campaigns where real-time monitoring is not crucial, but you still want regular updates.

  • Time Interval 4: 24 Hour(s): If you choose this option, you'll receive campaign reports once a day. This is useful for campaigns where real-time performance monitoring is not necessary, and daily updates suffice.

Custom Time Interval Selection for Continuous Messages

Continuous messages refer to messages that are sent on an ongoing basis to users who meet specific criteria. For example, a welcome message sent to every new user who installs the app or a weekly newsletter sent to all subscribed users.

For continuous messages, you also have the option to select time intervals for monitoring and reporting on the message performance. The intervals work similarly to the campaign intervals mentioned above.

These time intervals allow you to receive regular updates on the continuous message performance, such as the number of users who received the message, open rates, click-through rates, and other relevant metrics.

In summary, both "Custom Time Interval Selection for Campaigns" and "Custom Time Interval Selection for Continuous Messages" in Netmera provide you with the flexibility to choose how frequently you want to receive performance reports for your marketing campaigns and ongoing messages. The intervals can be tailored based on the urgency of monitoring and your reporting preferences.

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