Message Categories

When it comes to managing your push notifications, organization and clarity are essential. That's where Message Categories come in.

Go to your Netmera Panel and click:

Settings -> Message Categories -> Create New Message Category

  1. Define a unique id of the message category on Category ID,

  2. Define a unique name of the message category,

  3. Click on the "Save" button.

Message Categories provide a convenient way to group your push notifications based on their purpose or content. By assigning each notification to a specific category, you can quickly access and manage related messages at a glance. Whether you're sending promotional offers, important announcements, or transactional updates, Message Categories streamline your workflow and enhance your notification management.

When creating or editing a push notification, you'll notice the option to assign it to a category. This allows you to categorize your messages based on your own predefined criteria or use case. For example, you might have categories such as "Promotions," "News Updates," "Account Notifications," or any other relevant labels that align with your messaging strategy.

Creating A New Message Category

  1. Define a unique id of the message category on Category ID,

  2. Define a unique name of the message category,

Publishing a Push with Message Categories

After saving your Message Category, you can immediately utilize this feature by accessing the "Category" subtitle in Step 2: What when creating and publishing your Mobile, Web, or SMS Push Notifications. The "Category" section allows you to assign your notifications to the relevant categories you have defined. By selecting the appropriate category for each notification, you ensure that it is correctly organized and easily accessible within your message management system.

Analyzing your Reports using Message Categories

When analyzing your Reports, you will come across the Campaign ID, which corresponds to the type and ID of your notification and will include message category ID if you have chosen a category for your campaign. This unique identifier helps you track and attribute the performance of your push notification campaigns to their respective message categories. By associating each campaign with its designated category, you gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of specific message categories in engaging your audience and driving desired actions.

Whether you're assessing click-through rates, conversion rates, or other key metrics, the Campaign ID provides a valuable reference point for evaluating the success of your push notification strategies. So, keep an eye out for the Campaign ID in your Reports and leverage this information to optimize your message categories and improve the overall performance of your push notifications.

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