Landing Pages

Settings -> Landing Pages -> Publish to Devices / Create New Template

In the context of the Netmera platform, "Landing Pages" refer to web pages that are designed to serve specific marketing or promotional purposes. These pages are typically used to drive traffic, engage users, and encourage specific actions, such as sign-ups, downloads, or purchases. Landing pages are often linked to from various channels, including push notifications, email campaigns, social media, or advertisements.

Publish to Devices

"Publish to Devices" is a feature in the Netmera platform that allows the app administrators or developers to send a silent push notification to all users of the mobile application. The purpose of this silent push is to inform users about an update or changes.

Silent Push:

Silent Push refers to a type of push notification that is sent to a user's device without displaying a visible message or alert to the user. Unlike traditional push notifications that show a message on the device's screen, silent push notifications operate in the background, allowing for the execution of specific tasks or updates without directly engaging the user. This method is particularly useful for scenarios where user interaction is not necessary, such as updating content, syncing data, or triggering background processes. These notifications can be configured and tested through both the Netmera API and the Netmera Panel, providing flexibility and comprehensive testing capabilities.

Create New Template

This feature enables users to create new landing pages using the previously defined dynamic templates. Users can use a template of dynamic templates, provide the necessary content and customizations, and transfer a unique landing page.

Template Name: The "Template Name" is a user-defined name given to a dynamic template that is used to create landing pages. It serves as a reference point to identify and distinguish different dynamic templates in the Netmera platform.

Content: The "Content" refers to the HTML content that constitutes the dynamic template for the landing page. HTML is a markup language used to structure the content and layout of web pages. Within the dynamic template, users can customize the HTML content to create visually appealing and interactive landing pages. The dynamic template allows for the inclusion of placeholders, variables, or tags that dynamically populate content based on user attributes or data retrieved from the Netmera platform, enabling personalized experiences for users accessing the landing pages.

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