People Insight

Quick Steps Guideline

Go to your Netmera Panel and click:

Analytics -> People Insight

  1. Add conditions based on user attributes, such as "Push Permission," "Segment," "Tag," "Profile," or "Behavior." These conditions determine the criteria for your analysis.

  2. Utilize the "Add Group" function to combine conditions using logical operators like "and" or "or." This refines your criteria to target specific user groups.

  3. If desired, you can create tags for the targeted group by clicking the "Tag" icon. This helps in organizing and referencing and using specific user groups on campaigns.

  4. You can export selected users' data to a file format of your choice (e.g., CSV or XLSX) by choosing the export type and clicking "Export."

People Insight is a dynamic feature within the Netmera platform that empowers businesses and app developers to gain profound insights into their user base. It provides a comprehensive view of user behaviors, preferences, and engagement patterns. With People Insight, you can segment users based on various criteria, enabling highly targeted communication and personalized user experiences. By harnessing this tool, you can enhance user engagement, drive conversions, and optimize your app's performance.

Creating People Insight

Begin your journey into People Insight by locating the "Plus" button, represented by a "+". This is your entry point for defining specific user criteria.

Define User Conditions: Add Condition

Now, it's time to specify the conditions users must meet to be included in your analysis. You can choose from a range of criteria:

  • Push Permission: Discover users who have allowed or denied push notifications.

  • Segment: Target specific user groups for in-depth analysis.

  • Tag: Isolate users labeled with specific tags.

  • Profile: Explore user attributes such as location or behavior.

  • Behavior: Understand user actions and interactions within your app.

Combine Conditions: Add Group

To refine your criteria, group conditions together using logical operators like "and" or "or." This allows you to create more intricate and precise user segments. For example, you can seek users who belong to Segment A and have allowed push notifications.

Once you've configured your criteria and groups, take the next step by clicking the "Find" button. This will initiate the search and generate a list of users who meet your specified conditions.

Unique Devices Found

The search results will provide you with valuable insights into the unique devices that match your criteria. These insights can inform your engagement and communication strategies.

🔁 Tagging Options

Use the circular arrow icon (🔁) to create tags for the users within your targeted group. Tags are labels that help you categorize and organize users for future reference.

Tagging and Export Options

You have the flexibility to tag or export selected users to a file. Choose the export format that suits your needs, such as *.csv or *.xlsx. You can also select which user identifiers to include, such as External Id, Email, MSISDN, or Mobile Advertiser ID. You may use these tags while launching your campaigns or export this data for further analysis.

With People Insight, you gain the power to define, discover, and engage with specific user segments, enhancing your app's user experience and driving meaningful interactions.

Making the Best of People Insight

Personalized Messaging

With People Insight, you can create user segments based on behaviors like frequent purchases or inactivity . This helps you send tailored messages and offers to each group, making your communications more engaging and relevant.

Retention Strategies

Discover users at risk of leaving your app by analyzing their activity patterns. Send targeted re-engagement campaigns to bring them back and boost app retention .

Targeted Promotions

Identify users who abandoned shopping carts or showed interest in certain products. Send them personalized promotions or reminders to encourage conversions and boost sales.

Behavior-Based Rewards

Reward loyal users or those who complete specific actions. Use People Insight to track and identify these users, then provide them with special incentives or discounts.

Event Notifications

Send event-specific notifications to users based on their past attendance or interests. This feature is especially handy for event organizers and ticketing apps.

Feedback Collection

Target specific user segments to gather feedback on new features or updates. Analyze their responses to make data-driven decisions on further improvements.

Geographic Targeting

Segment users by location using People Insight. Deliver location-specific content, promotions, or event announcements to enhance local engagement.

User Onboarding

Create personalized onboarding journeys for new users based on their interests and preferences. This guides them through your app and increases their likelihood of becoming active users.

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