Export tool enables you to automate the process of exporting specific types of data from Netmera to your FTP server. This automation ensures that selected data is regularly and systematically transferred to the designated location at specified intervals, reducing the need for manual intervention.

Manually triggering FTP exports:

To generate your FTP reports, click the 'Send' button. You have the flexibility to manually trigger this action up to three times per day, enabling you to update and access the latest data as frequently as needed.

Reports: Choose an Export Data Type

Choose your desired report type and proceed to the settings on the next screen to configure the specific events and parameters for your reports. This step allows you to tailor the report generation process according to your analysis requirements.

Push Reports:

Push Reports data focuses on the performance and outcomes of marketing campaigns conducted through the Netmera platform. It includes metrics such as open rates, conversions, and user engagement data related to specific marketing campaigns.

When you enable External ID Breakdown you can access a breakdown of your push reports sorted by external ID. This feature facilitates a more organized and detailed analysis of your push campaigns, helping you to better understand campaign performance and user engagement.


The "Event" data type pertains to user interactions and activities within the Netmera platform. It includes event-specific data, such as what actions users have taken, when they occurred, and any relevant details about these events.

You can also configure and customize the events for generating detailed reports. Specify particular events such as "Open App" or "OpenAppMergeTest" that you want to export to FTP for in-depth analysis, allowing you to monitor and evaluate user interactions effectively.

App Tracking:

App Tracking data provides insights into the additional applications that users have installed on their devices. It reveals which other apps are popular among your user base, offering valuable information for understanding user preferences and behavior beyond your own app.

Installation & Permission:

This data type encompasses information related to user installations of applications and associated permissions within the Netmera platform. It includes details about which users have installed specific apps, their installation dates, and the permissions granted to those apps.

Settings Screen: Further Settings Details

Server: This is the web address (URL) of the FTP server, indicating where the data will be delivered.

Port: Port specifies the port number through which the data will travel to reach the FTP server.

Path: The Path is the location on the FTP server where the exported data will be stored.

Username: This field requires the username associated with the FTP server account.

Password: The password which is associated with your FTP server account.

Export Frequency: This setting determines how often the data export will occur. In this context, the options are as follows:

  • Daily Export: Includes users updated within the last 24 hours. It allows you to focus on recent changes.

  • Monthly Export: Includes users updated within the last 30 days.

  • Bulk Export: Includes all users. Regardless of when they were last updated, will be included in the export. This option is often used for comprehensive data exports.

Monthly and Bulk Exports: Please note that the Monthly and Bulk export options are only applicable for the Installation Report.

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