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In Netmera, a cutting-edge personalization platform, you have the ability to set up distinct segments and tags, enabling you to curate and deliver highly personalized web pages tailored to the preferences and characteristics of each unique group. With this powerful capability, you can create an unparalleled digital experience that captivates your audience, fosters stronger connections, and drives exceptional levels of engagement and conversion.


With Web Personalization, you may create personalized homepage experiences based on different segments of your audience. For example, if you have segments like "New Visitors," "Returning Customers," or "High-Value Customers," tailor the homepage content to match their specific needs. Show relevant product recommendations, exclusive offers, or personalized greetings to make each segment feel valued and engaged from the moment they land on your site.

To access the web personalization creation menu, navigate to the Web Tools category and find "Experiences" In this section, you'll discover five essential functions that allow you to tailor your web pages to specific user segments and deliver personalized content.

Web Personalization Page Functions

Web Personalization Page has 5 functions which are experience summary, stop an experience, clone, edit and create a new personalization experience.

Experience Summary

By clicking on an existing experience, you can view its summary and make adjustments as needed.

Stop an Experience

To stop a running experience, click the stop icon in the Actions section.

Clone an Experience

You can clone a running experience by clicking the clone icon in the Actions section.

Edit an Experience

For experiences you have already stopped, you can click the edit icon to make changes. Editing is only applicable to stopped experiences. To edit a live experience, you must first stop it.

Create a New Experience

Creating a new experience is simple - click the "Publish New Personalization Experience" button in the upper right.

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