Settings -> Users -> Create New User

In Netmera, "Users" typically refer to individuals or entities who have access to the Netmera Panel. These users can belong to different roles, each with specific permissions and access levels within the panel.

Invite New User

  1. To invite a new user, click on the "Invite New User" button.

  2. Enter the email address of the new user you want to invite.

  3. Select the appropriate role for the new user from the available options. Roles define the level of access and permissions the user will have within the panel.

  4. Click on the "Send Invitation" button to invite the new user.

User Info

  1. If you want to assign or remove roles for an existing user, you can use the search function to find the user by name.

  2. Once you locate the user, click on their profile to access the user settings.

  3. Update the user's profile by assigning or removing roles as needed.

  4. Don't forget to save the changes by clicking on the "Save" button.

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