Customer Touch

Quick Steps Guideline

Go to your Netmera Panel and click:

Analytics -> Customer Touch

  1. Decide on your Time Period and Message Type.

  2. You will see charts about your customer engagement.

  3. Click "Export" if you wish to export your data.

Customer Touch is a feature designed to provide insights into the distribution of notifications across various message types. This tool allows users to effectively segment your audience based on the number of notifications sent. In this guide, we'll walk you through the key functionalities of Customer Touch to help you make the most of this feature.

Customer Touch Dashboard

Time Period Before delving into the data, you can specify the time interval for analysis. The Time Period field offers options such as Today, Yesterday, and In the last 2 days, allowing for a flexible examination based on your needs.

Message Type: Once the time period is defined, you can choose from a variety of message types to further refine your analysis. Options include:

  • Push

  • Interactive

  • Pop-up

  • Web Push

  • In-App Message

  • SMS

Finding Results

Upon selecting the desired time period and message type, you can initiate the analysis by pressing the "Find" button. The results will be promptly listed, providing valuable insights into the notification distribution.

Customers by Notification Count Chart

This table delves deeper into the data, presenting a detailed breakdown of customers based on the number of notifications received. It includes counts for various notification types, ranging from customers who did not receive any notifications to those who received 10 or more. The data is categorized based on Total, iOS, and Android, providing a comprehensive view based on message types.

Received Push Count:

  1. Did not receive any notifications: Customers falling into this category have not received any notifications during the specified time period and for the selected message type.

  2. Counts for 1 notification: This category encapsulates customers who received precisely one notification within the specified timeframe and message type.

  3. Counts for 2 notifications and beyond: Who received precisely two notification within the specified timeframe and message type. This pattern extends to the "10+" category, signifying customers who received 10 or more notifications within the specified timeframe and message type.

Export to Excel

For enhanced convenience, Customer Touch includes an "Export to Excel" button. This feature allows users to seamlessly download all relevant data to their computers in Excel format. This facilitates further analysis and reporting, contributing to a more streamlined workflow.

Making the Best of Customer Touch

Customer Touch is a powerful tool offering features to enhance your notification strategies. To maximize the benefits of Customer Touch, consider the following tips:

Define Clear Objectives

Before utilizing Customer Touch, establish clear objectives for your notification campaigns. Determine the specific outcomes you aim to achieve, whether it's increasing user engagement, promoting specific campaigns, or optimizing automated notifications.

Choose the Right Time Period

Tailor your analysis by selecting the most relevant time period. Whether you're focusing on today's data, yesterday's insights, or the trends over the last few days, align the time period with your goals to extract meaningful results.

Leverage Message Type Options

Customer Touch provides a variety of message types, including Push, Interactive, Popup, Web Push, In-App Message, and SMS. Choose the message types that align with your communication goals and user preferences. This targeted approach ensures a more effective engagement strategy.

Utilize Detailed Segmentation

Take advantage of Customer Touch's segmentation capabilities to dive deeper into the data. Segment users based on received push counts across different message types, platforms (iOS and Android), and campaigns. This detailed segmentation offers valuable insights for a more nuanced analysis.

Optimize Based on Results

After running analyses with Customer Touch, use the findings to optimize your notification strategies. Identify successful message types, refine targeting parameters, and adjust frequency based on user responses. Continuous optimization ensures that your engagement efforts align with user preferences.

Export Data for Further Analysis

The "Export to Excel" feature allows you to download data for offline analysis. Use this functionality to share insights with your team, create comprehensive reports, or integrate the data into other analytical tools for a holistic view of your customer engagement efforts.

Utilize the power of Customer Touch to gain valuable insights into your notification strategies and optimize your customer engagement effectively.

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