Define Message Type: Setup

In this page we're going to discover the first step of launching your notification!

Create New Campaign

When you click the "Create New Campaigns" button located on the right side of the Campaigns Dashboard page, a new campaign creation screen will open.

On this screen, you will be guided through a series of steps, including Setup, What, Who, When, and GO to configure various aspects of the campaign, such as the target group, delivery time, and more. Once you have completed these steps, you can access all the information related to the message created in the GO stage, and after testing with test devices, you can send it for Approval Admin approval.

Step 1: Setup

Setup section is the first step in the Create New Campaign process, where you can set a name for your campaign in the "Campaign Name" section. You can also determine the type of campaign you want to create, such as push notification, web push, SMS, or email, in the "Campaign Type" section. For mobile push notification, on this step you are going to choose Push Notification type to continue editing your notification for mobile.

On the right side of the Campaign Type section, you can see the estimated number of users and devices that the message can reach, broken down by iOS and Android platforms, as well as the total number of potential recipients. This information provides you with valuable insights into the reach of your campaign across different platforms.

Estimated Reach Tips:

By using the estimated reach feature, you can see the number of users and devices that your message can potentially reach on both iOS and Android platforms. This information helps you understand the potential impact of your campaign and adjust your messaging or target audience if necessary.

For example, if you see that your campaign has a higher estimated reach on iOS compared to Android, you may want to adjust your messaging to better appeal to iOS users.

Additionally, by understanding the total number of potential recipients, you can better plan and allocate resources for your campaign. By using this feature, you can make data-driven decisions about your push notification campaign and improve its overall effectiveness.

To read more about Campaign Types visit Types of Push Notifications.

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