Advanced iOS Settings

This page is about advanced iOS settings for mobile push notifications on page "What".

Relevance Score

Relevance Score is a feature that allows you to assign a value to your push notifications to determine their importance level. Notifications with higher scores will be prioritized and appear at the top of notification summaries or be highlighted. The score ranges from 0 to 1 and enables sorting of notifications in your app.

Relevance Score Tip:

A push notification about a suspicious transaction on a customer's account may have a higher relevance score and appear at the top of the notification summary, while a notification about an upcoming bank holiday may have a lower score and appear further down. This helps to ensure that customers receive important information promptly and can take necessary actions to secure their accounts.

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Interruption Level

To minimize distractions, focus modes have been introduced, providing iOS users with greater flexibility in deciding when and how to receive notifications. Users of iOS versions below 15 can activate "Do Not Disturb" mode, which silences all calls and notifications. For iOS version 15 and above, users can customize their notification preferences for specific situations using the "Work," "Sleep," and "Personal" notification modes.

Interruption level modes can be assigned for your notification on iOS devices:

Passive: These notifications do not exceed the focus modes and are preferred for non-urgent information, as they do not require immediate attention and do not have sound or vibration. They provide minimum interruption.

Active: This level provides a minimum interruption and covers situations that do not require urgency. It includes sound and vibration and only turns on the screen, creating sound and vibration, if the user is not in focus mode. It is used during periods when users have not enabled focus mode.

Time Sensitive: This level is preferred for notifications that require immediate attention and requires enforcement authorization. Similar to active notifications, it should only be used if the notification is dealt with immediately. It vibrates, makes noise, and turns on the screen even when in focus mode. It covers notifications that need to reach the user regardless of the focus mode.

Critical: These notifications require Apple permission and appear immediately, overriding mute settings. They cover notifications that reach the user even if the "Do Not Disturb" phone mode is activated. Critical notifications are often preferred for emergencies such as health, weather, security, and public information.


In the event of a natural disaster, you can send a critical push notification to alert your audience about evacuation orders or other critical information. This ensures that your audience receives important updates in real-time, which can help save lives and prevent injuries.

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