Email Integrations

At Netmera, we understand the importance of a seamless onboarding process when integrating with external platforms like Amazon, Setrow or Uzman Posta for your email campaigns. We aim to provide you with a smooth experience and expert guidance throughout the integration journey. Here's how we ensure a successful integration:

Account Activation / Setup

  1. Provide Your Information: Share your company details and requirements with us.

  2. Contact Establishment: We'll reach out to the email platform teams on your behalf.

  3. Collaboration with Providers: Our team collaborates closely with Amazon, Setrow or Uzman Posta to fulfill your setup needs.

  4. Account Activation: After verification, your account is activated based on your details, ensuring a seamless transition to active usage.

DNS Configuration

After activating your email provider account, obtain the necessary DNS settings from your email providers. These settings are vital for successful email campaign delivery on Netmera. For Setrow, they perform their own checks and complete the process by whitelisting. With Amazon integration, Netmera manages the configuration process to ensure a smooth integration experience.

Integration to Netmera

Netmera Panel > Connectors > Email > Install

During the account setup process, configure the integration within the Netmera panel. This step ensures that all required configurations are properly implemented to establish a connection between Netmera and your selected email platform.

Necessary Information for Netmera Integration

After clicking on 'Install' on the Connectors page, you'll be directed to the installation page. The necessary information for your integration will be provided by your email service provider. Provide the required information for your integration, then click on 'Save'. Your API Key, essential for Netmera integrations, can be located on the Developers > API page on Netmera Panel.

Amazon SES


Uzman Posta

IYS Management

Depending on your preference and decision regarding the ownership of the IYS (Permission Management System), configuration assistance is available. If you choose to manage the IYS within Netmera, guidance is provided on defining the IYS code and brand code within the Integration section. We ensure that your IYS management aligns with your email campaigns.

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