Amazon and Setrow Integration

At Netmera, we understand the importance of a seamless onboarding process when integrating with external platforms like Amazon and Setrow for your email campaigns. We aim to provide you with a smooth experience and expert guidance throughout the integration journey. Here's how we ensure a successful integration:

Account Setup

Once you share the necessary account information with us, we take the initiative to establish contact with the respective Amazon or Setrow team on your behalf.

  1. Gathering Account Information: Once we receive the necessary account information from you, including your company details and specific requirements, our dedicated team begins the account setup journey.

  2. Establishing Contact: We take the initiative to reach out to the respective Amazon or Setrow team on your behalf. This direct communication helps expedite the account opening process, ensuring a swift and efficient setup.

  3. Collaboration with Amazon or Setrow: Our team works closely with the Amazon or Setrow team throughout the account setup phase. They will handle the necessary procedures and collaborate with you to address any specific requirements or configurations.

  4. Account Activation: Once the verification process is complete, the Amazon or Setrow team will proceed with the account activation. They will create your account based on the provided details, ensuring a smooth transition from the setup phase to active usage.

DNS Configuration

To ensure optimal email deliverability, we help you retrieve the relevant DNS settings from Amazon or Setrow. These settings play a crucial role in the successful delivery of your email campaigns. Our team will guide you in implementing these DNS configurations correctly.

For Setrow, they conduct their own checks and finalize the process by whitelisting. With Amazon integration, Netmera takes control of the configuration process to guarantee a seamless integration experience.

Integration Setup

As part of the seamless account setup process, our dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) will guide you through the integration setup within the Netmera panel. This step ensures that all the necessary configurations are in place to establish a smooth connection between Netmera and your chosen email platform, be it Amazon or Setrow.

IYS Management

Depending on your preference and decision regarding the ownership of the IYS (Permission Management System), our CSM will assist in configuring the IYS settings accordingly. If you choose to manage the IYS within Netmera, our team will guide you through the process of defining the IYS code and brand code within the Integration section. We ensure that your IYS management aligns seamlessly with your email campaigns.

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