Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ page. Here, you'll find answers to common questions and helpful information about Netmera. Explore the topics below to get the most out of your experience with Netmera and discover the full potential of our powerful engagement platform. If you have any further inquiries, feel free to reach out to our support team for prompt assistance.


Can the "getDevice" service be used via the API for bulk audiences (to send SMS to users who could not receive Push Notifications)?

This cannot be done. Instead, you can provide daily exports via FTP to the customer. Alternatively, our panel supports a "fallback" mechanism for SMS sending to users who did not receive the push. While you're creating your notification on step "What" you may set up fallback mechanism.

Can the user limit (maximum number of times a push is delivered to a user) be set via the REST API?

No, the user limit cannot be set via the REST API.

FAQ: Push Notifications

Is there an "Add Buttons" feature for push notifications sent through the API-CRM?

No, adding the "Add Buttons" (interactive) feature cannot be done via the API. However, it is possible to add the interactive feature for push notifications created within the Netmera Panel. Please refer to Button Sets.

Is there a system to alert or inform us in case of issues with push notifications (such as delivery failure or unreachability)?

Yes, we have a system in place. In case of rare issues with push notifications, our operations team receives alerts and communicates with the customers to provide relevant information.

When "Send All" is selected for push notification in the Netmera panel, does it reach all users, including those who were not integrated with Netmera?

No, "Send All" does not reach users who were not integrated with Netmera before. Segments should be used to target those users. Please refer to Define Segment

Can bulk messages be stopped midway?

Yes, bulk messages can be stopped midway. This is done by our operations team. Additionally, it is possible to recall a push notification from the panel.

Is there a feature to recall push notifications sent via the web?

No, our web push notifications are sent through Google CDN, so recalling them is not possible.

FAQ: Email

Amazon SES is the platform where you manage your sending quotas. There are two main quotas are set by Amazon SES and the exact number of email quotas change for each account.

  • Total number of emails that can be sent within 24 hours: This is the overall limit for the number of emails that can be sent in a 24-hour period.

  • Number of emails that can be sent per second: This represents the maximum rate at which emails can be sent in one second.

Above you may see a sample sending limits image on Amazon SES Account dashboard. In order to monitor your own sending quotas using the Amazon SES console please see the following document.

Monitoring your Amazon SES sending quotas

FAQ: Events

Do funnels provide data on a device or user basis?

The panel provides device-based data in funnels. If you export the data using tagging, it provides user-based data.

Is there a limit for event attributes?

Yes, there is a limit for event attributes. The maximum number of attributes is 25, with varying limits for different data types.

FAQ: Cookies

How can I distinguish Netmera's cookies?

Netmera's cookies start with "n". Additionally, Netmera now uses local storage instead of cookies. All the cookies used by Netmera are shared on the relevant page.

FAQ: Catalog Messages

When creating a catalog message, the catalog scenarios are not available. How can I access them?

Under the Settings -> General section, set the "Category" to "E-commerce" or "Media" to enable the catalog scenarios.

FAQ: Location

What happens when a push with Time Zone setting is sent to a user who does not provide location information?

Our SDK retrieves the timezone information from the user's device and performs the necessary actions based on that information. Whether or not the user provides location information does not affect the process.

FAQ: Uninstall App

How does Netmera determine if a user has uninstalled the app?

We have two methods to collect uninstall data:

  1. Google and Apple services share uninstall data with Netmera, allowing us to obtain the information.

No, such a feature is not currently available in Netmera.

FAQ: Geofence

Is it possible to send a push notification to a geofence via the REST API?

No, it is not possible to send push notifications to a geofence via the REST API. However, you can create a geofence using the REST API.

FAQ: Segments

When do segments become inactive?

Segments become inactive if no triggers occur for a segment within 90 days.

Can an active segment become inactive even if it is included in an active push notification?

Yes, if a segment does not trigger a send via a push notification, even if the push notification is active, the segment becomes inactive.

FAQ: Videos

Are there any restrictions for video elements in widgets?

The video size should not exceed 12 MB.

FAQ: Export Data

How can we retrieve the information of users who can be reached via push notifications?

Generally, the information of targeted users can be obtained by exporting them from the Targeting > Segment section. By creating a segment and exporting the data, you can access the information.

FAQ: Netmera SDK

What are the default behaviors tracked and reported by the Netmera SDK?

The Netmera SDK tracks and reports various behaviors, including app installations, app openings, time spent in the app, push receipts, push opens, push dismisses, geofence enter/exit actions, location updates, actions taken inside web views presented by Netmera, log events (for errors), and more. You may visit Netmera Events for more information.

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