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Geofence & Location

Geofencing is a feature that allows you to define virtual boundaries or areas on a map and trigger specific actions or notifications when a user enters or exits those boundaries.

To enable location tracking, you need to add appropriate authorization strings to your application target's Info.plist file. By enabling location tracking, the Netmera SDK will monitor region enter/exit actions for geofence regions configured within the Netmera Dashboard. This allows you to trigger specific actions or notifications when users enter or exit these predefined geofence areas.

Next, it's important to request location authorization from the user. You can do this by calling the requestLocationAuthorization method provided by Netmera. It will prompt the location permission dialog to the user, ensuring they are informed about how your app will utilize location information.

Netmera provides a set of tools to help you integrate geofencing and location-based targeting seamlessly into your app. Follow the steps by choosing your platform below.

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