Push Icon

For Android, customers have the option to add an icon in the Developer -> App Info page. The icon should be created in accordance with the standards mentioned in the provided link here. Also, the file name of the icon should be entered in the panel. Then, the icon file should be added to your project.


While launching your campaigns on the panel, in the 'What' step, when the 'Custom Push Icon' option is turned off, it means that if you do not upload a custom icon for your push notification, the system will use the default notification icon instead.

Use of White / Shadow Icon:

In some cases, a white icon or a shadow icon is required as the default icon may not be visible. Therefore, it is necessary to design a white icon and add it specifically for Android. This ensures that the icon is displayed correctly on Android devices.

Custom Push Icon

When creating a push notification, you can add a personal touch by using custom icons. This feature is available in the "What" section of the push setup. To use it, just enable the "Custom Push Icon" option. Then, go to your app's "Developer -> App Info" settings and upload the icons you want to use. Once uploaded, you can easily select and apply these custom icons when sending your push notifications.

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