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Netmera offers a powerful event tracking system that allows you to understand user behavior, personalize communication, and optimize user experiences within your app. By leveraging events, you can gain valuable insights into how users interact with your app, identify trends, and tailor your strategies to meet their needs.

Netmera Events

Automated Events

Netmera SDK automatically tracks and reports the following default behaviors about application usage:

  • Install (First open) app

  • App opens

  • Time passed inside the application for each foreground usage

  • Push receipts (if configured from Dashboard)

  • Push opens

  • Enter/exit actions for geofence regions (if set up)

  • Actions taken inside web views presented by Netmera

  • Log event (triggered when an error occurs)

Pre-defined Events

In addition to the default event tracking, Netmera SDK provides a set of event classes that you can use to report users' corresponding behaviors within your application. These events require integration and provide a structured way to capture specific user actions. Some of the pre-defined events include:

  • Screen View Event

  • Login Event

  • Register Event

  • Search Event

  • Share Event

  • In-App Purchase Event

  • Banner Click Event

  • Category View Event

  • Battery Level Event

  • Commerce Events

  • Product View Event

  • Product Rate Event

  • Product Comment Event

  • Order Cancel Event

  • Purchase Event

  • Cart View Event

  • Add To Cart Event

  • Remove From Cart Event

  • Add To Wishlist Event

  • Media Events

  • Content Comment Event

  • Content Rate Event

  • Content View Event

For a detailed view of events you may visit our User Guide.

Custom Events

If the events provided by the SDK do not fully meet your requirements, you can create your own custom events using the Netmera Dashboard. Custom events allow you to capture unique user interactions and actions specific to your application. To create a custom event, navigate to the Developers -> Events section in the dashboard and click the "Create New Event" button. You can define the event attributes, data types, and specify mandatory parameters as needed. Please read our User Guide for more detailed information on how to Create New Event on Panel.

After creating a custom event, Netmera Dashboard will automatically generate the necessary source files for your event, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it into your project.

On the Next Page we will provide you with the codes you may use to fire that custom event after you add the source files to your project.

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