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Inbox is a feature provided by Netmera that enables developers to manage push notifications within their mobile applications effectively. It allows you to fetch and display previously sent push notifications in an inbox-style interface, providing a centralized location for users to access and interact with their notifications.

You can use the Netmera SDK to integrate the Inbox feature into your applications. By using the provided APIs and methods, you can fetch notifications, customize the inbox interface, handle user interactions, and manage the status of notifications.

Inbox Feature: Notification Handling

The Inbox feature within our platform manages push notifications in a manner designed to provide users with the most relevant and up-to-date information. One aspect of this functionality involves the handling of notifications sent within a specific time frame. Therefore, notifications sent five minutes ago and earlier will be deleted when a new notification is received. This ensures that only the latest and most pertinent information is retained in the user's inbox.

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