Advertising ID

What is AD_ID?

An advertising ID, or ad_id, is a distinctive user identifier specifically assigned to a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet computer, as well as the operating environment associated with it. The primary purpose of an advertising ID is to facilitate personalized offers from advertising services. This unique identifier is instrumental in enabling advertisers and third-party entities to monitor and analyze the user's activities, preferences, and application usage.
The ad_id is often transmitted to advertisers and other external parties, allowing them to effectively track the user's movements and interactions across various platforms. This granular level of tracking provides valuable insights into user behavior, enabling advertisers to tailor their marketing strategies more precisely.

AD_ID in Netmera

The Netmera Android SDK has the capability to retrieve the AD_ID information, and you can access the AD_ID under the User section on the Netmera Panel. It's important to note that the AD_ID information is not utilized for displaying advertisements within your application. Instead, it serves as a unique and device-specific variable associated with each user.
Collecting this information empowers you to take important actions related to your users. The AD_ID, being a unique identifier tied to each user's device, provides valuable insights that can be leveraged for strategic decision-making. It allows you to better understand and engage with your user base, enabling you to tailor your approach and take meaningful actions based on this collected data.