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Integrating User Identification with Netmera

Netmera users are typically anonymous. However, if your application assigns unique IDs to users, you can also link these IDs with their Netmera accounts. This allows for targeted messaging and a more personalized user experience.

To integrate user identification, use the following code snippet:

user.setCustomId('<your unique user id here>');

This code snippet assigns the provided unique user ID to the Netmera user.

Afterwards, to access and target this user, use the Netmera panel. Navigate to Targeting > People > Find Person tab. Enter the unique ID you set earlier to target this user specifically.

Additionally, you can set user attributes as profile attributes. These attributes can then be used for targeting. You can set profile attributes using the same script.

Setting Attributes

Our recommendation is to run this script when the user logs in. This ensures that the user is accurately identified and targeted. In order to add profile attributes to user you can use the sample code below.


    var netmera = netmera || [];
    netmera.push(function (api) {
        var user = api.getUser();
        user.setCustomId('<your unique user id here>');
        user.addProfileAttr('attrName','attrValue'); //Note that 'attrName' MUST be defined on the Netmera panel!
            .then(function () {
                console.log('User saved');
            .catch(function (err) {
                console.log('User save failed. err=' + err);


Creating Custom Attributes to User on Netmera Panel

  • Expand Developers section from left menu. On that page click Create Attribute.

  • After you click Create Attribute, you will see Name, Label, Description, Data Type and Is Array fields. Fill those fields like the image below

  • After you click Save, your new attribute will be saved and you will be able to add this attribute to your users.

Generated Code:

For all custom profile attributes, you can find the generated code at the bottom of the 'Profile Attribute' page under the 'Generate Code' section. Be sure to include this generated code in your Netmera Panel under the title Profile Attributes > User Class.

Private Info

The sharing of private datas are prohibited under KVKK law. In the profile and event definitions in the application, firstly the user defines the attributes in the Netmera panel. When the Private Information feature is selected while defining, the value of the attribute is not passed to the backend by the Netmera SDK. This check is done on the SDK side(Netmera.update(user)), the request does not go backend.

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