Flutter Push

Calling Dart Methods

Netmera Pop-up Presentation

To enable pop-up presentation, you need to call the enablePopupPresentation() method on the page where you want to display the pop-up. Note: To show pop-up on the app start or everywhere in the app, please add this to initState() method on your main.dart file.


Push Notification Permissions

Only for Android 13 and later.

If you don't request notification permission at runtime, you can request it by calling the requestPushNotificationAuthorization() method. Note: Notification runtime permissions are required on Android 13 (API 33) or higher. Therefore, before calling the method, make sure your project targets an API of 33 and above.


You can call the areNotificationsEnabled() method if you need to know the status of permissions.

 Netmera.areNotificationsEnabled().then((enabled) {
      // Use the enabled status of permission as boolean

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