iOS SDK Versions


July 18, 2024

  • Resolved the build error present in version 3.23.8.


July 11, 2024


  • Enhanced log event details.


May 6, 2024


  • Implemented a development to trigger a log event if there is a error code between 500-600.


May 3, 2024

Starting from Spring 2024, Apple has mandated that developers include privacy manifestos for certain third-party SDKs when submitting new applications or updates to the App Store Connect. This requirement applies to SDKs listed by Apple.

Addition to Netmera iOS SDK: In compliance with Apple's requirement, we have added the following file to the Netmera iOS SDK:

PrivacyInfo (1).xcprivacy

Within the Netmera iOS SDK, we utilize the following dependency frameworks:

  • AFNetworking

  • MMWormhole

  • FMDB

  • UICKeyChainStore


March 29, 2024


  • Netmera.kill() Method

A new feature has been added: the Netmera.kill() method. If this method is called, Netmera will remain in a "kill" state until it is re-initialized.


March 19, 2024


  • Resend of push/enable and push/register requests in case of API key change.


March 6, 2024


  • Implemented cache reset functionality when the API key is changed.


January 11, 2024

  • Resolved a crash issue related to callbacks.

This update in iOS version 3.23.1 (11.01.24) addresses a bug causing crashes associated with callbacks and provides a fix for a more stable experience.


December 20, 2023


  • Added 'appmanage' for widget deeplink action.

When creating a widget and assigning an action to a button, selecting 'manage app' will allow developers to handle the action within the handleOpenUrl method, enabling the SDK to notify you. Additionally, detailed visuals can be seamlessly integrated.

  • Added appversion and build version to request header.

  • Resolved an issue causing crashes during user updates.

  • Addressed and fixed issues related to the removal of operator code.

  • The issue of app version information not reflecting has been resolved.


November 30, 2023

  • Fixed an issue where errors were encountered when returning information about screens added to the auto-tracking whitelist.


  • Introduced user callback for enhanced functionality.

  • Added dSYM to XCFramework for improved development and debugging.

UpdateUser Details
Netmera.update(user) { success, error in
              if success {
              } else {


November 14, 2023

Note: This is a beta version. Do not update without contacting Netmera.


  • Integration of the new auto-tracking structure.


November 13, 2023


  • Users can now send push notifications with different icons for various scenarios. Visit iOS Push Icon page for further details.


October 31, 2023

  • In iOS SDK version 3.18.0, an enhancement has been made to the fetchCoupon feature.

If you want to retrieve assigned coupons for a user, you can use the fetchCoupon() method. Here's a Swift code example:

filter = NetmeraCouponFilter() = 0
filter.max = 12

Netmera.fetchCoupon(using: filter) { coupons, error in = coupons ?? []

This code allows you to fetch assigned coupons for a user and update the table view with the retrieved data.



  • User Method Simplified

  • Email Preferences Added


  • Scenario: When an event is triggered offline, the events are written to the queue. When the user is back online, the accumulated events in the queue are logged in sdk.log.

    It was noticed that the events in offline event delivery were not coming after the A/B feature (3.14.13). This issue has been resolved in this version.



  • SwiftUI Support


Problem: None of the original application lifecycle methods in SwiftUI are being triggered.

SwiftUI is a framework introduced by Apple in 2019, which allows developers to create applications with a single design that can be used across devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

The issue has been investigated and development has been carried out to address the problem in both SwiftUI and traditional application frameworks, ensuring compatibility for all types of applications.

func application(_ application: UIApplication, didReceiveRemoteNotification userInfo: [AnyHashable : Any], fetchCompletionHandler completionHandler: @escaping (UIBackgroundFetchResult) -> Void)
[//Netmera.recentPushObject](<https://netmera.recentpushobject/>)()?.alert.body                  //Push Text
[//Netmera.recentPushObject](<https://netmera.recentpushobject/>)()?.alert.title                 //Push Title
[//Netmera.recentPushObject](<https://netmera.recentpushobject/>)()?.action.deeplinkURL          //Push Deeplink
[//Netmera.recentPushObject](<https://netmera.recentpushobject/>)()?.customDictionary            //Custom JSON

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