Data Transfer Start - Stop

Stop Data Transfer Method

The [Netmera stopDataTransfer]; method is a useful feature that can help users to temporarily pause all requests sent by the SDK to the backend. This can be useful if, for example, the user needs to temporarily halt data transfers due to network issues or other reasons. Once the issue has been resolved, the user can then restart the data transfer using the [Netmera startDataTransfer]; method.

[Netmera stopDataTransfer];

Start Data Transfer Method

The [Netmera startDataTransfer]; method is a complementary feature to the [Netmera stopDataTransfer]; method, which allows users to restart any stopped requests. This can be useful when the user has temporarily paused data transfers and is now ready to resume the transfer. Once the user calls the [Netmera startDataTransfer]; method, the SDK will attempt to resend any requests that were previously stopped.

[Netmera startDataTransfer];

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