iOS Advertising ID

The Netmera Android SDK has the capability to retrieve the Ad_ID information, and you can access the Ad_ID under the Settings > User section on the Netmera Panel. Collecting this information empowers you to take important actions related to your users. The Ad_ID, being a unique identifier tied to each user's device, provides valuable insights that can be leveraged for strategic decision-making. It allows you to better understand and engage with your user base, enabling you to tailor your approach and take meaningful actions based on this collected data.

Ad_ID usage on Netmera:

It's important to note that the Ad_ID information is not utilized for displaying advertisements within your application. Instead, it serves as a unique and device-specific variable associated with each user.

Ad_ID Integration for iOS

To integrate Ad_ID for iOS in your application, follow these steps:

  1. Import AppTrackingTransparency:

Import the AppTrackingTransparency framework at the beginning of your Swift file where you handle the Ad_ID integration.

import AppTrackingTransparency
  1. Request Tracking Authorization:

Utilize the requestTrackingAuthorization() method from Netmera to obtain advertising identifier data from users. This should be done in an appropriate place within your code, such as during the app's initialization.Make sure to handle the user's response appropriately, as they may choose to opt-in or opt-out of ad tracking.


Use This code is used to request AdId permission.

  1. Adding a Key to your Plist File:

Add the key "Privacy - Tracking Usage Description" to your plist file.

For more information, please refer to the Apple documentation.

  1. Enable Advertising ID Used in App Config:

In Xcode, navigate to the Info tab of your app's target settings (Developer > App info). Under the App Config section, find the option for Advertising Id Used and ensure that it is enabled. This step is crucial for utilizing the advertising identifier in your application.

Example code snippets:

Setting Authorized Advertising Identifier:


You can use this code to enable or disable Ad_ID permission within your app. Set YES/true to allow and NO/false to deny.

Checking Ad_ID Authorization Status:


This code returns a boolean value indicating whether the app is authorized for Ad_ID usage.

User Details

Under the Settings > User section, the advertising identifier (Ad_ID) data and the information on whether permission is granted are located in the rightmost two columns.

Ad_ID on Netmera Panel

Panel Visibility Issues:

If you encounter difficulties finding Ad_ID-related options or information in the panel, it is recommended to contact the Netmera Success team for assistance. They can provide guidance and support to ensure you can access and utilize Ad_ID-related features effectively.

Filtering Based on Ad_ID Permission

In the "Targeting > People" section of your Netmera panel, you have the capability to filter users based on their ad_ID permission status. This feature enables you to create campaigns or messages specifically tailored to users who have either granted or denied permission for ad tracking. This level of granularity allows for more targeted and personalized communication with your audience.

Exporting Based on Ad_ID Permission

After filtering your audience in "Targeting > People," you can use the 'Find' button to list all users fitting your criteria. Subsequently, by clicking 'Target Users Found,' you will be presented with options to export your user list. This export functionality facilitates the management and analysis of users based on their Ad_ID permission status.

Targeting Based on Ad_ID Permission

When creating a campaign in the Netmera Panel, specifically on Step 3: Who, you can choose the 'By Advertising ID' option to target your audience based on their Ad_ID. This feature empowers you to tailor your campaigns and messages to users with specific Ad_ID characteristics, providing a more personalized and effective approach to your engagement strategies.

These functionalities collectively offer a comprehensive suite of tools within the Netmera Panel, allowing you to efficiently manage and leverage Ad_ID information for targeted campaigns and user engagement.

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