Enable/Disable Widget and In App Messages

Beta SDK is currently in the production phase and will be released soon. We are working diligently to finalize it and make it available for you to use.

When a popup notification or an in app message is received by the SDK, it immediately presents the corresponding web view content if the application is in foreground state. If application is in background state when popup is received, SDK presents the web view content whenever application comes to foreground state.

You may want to disable this immediate presentation behavior for cases like when your users watch a video, when they are in the middle of their favorite game level, or when they are about to finish purchasing their order. You use the following two methods to manage this process:

Netmera.setEnabledPopupPresentation(true) // to enable showing popup and widget push 
Netmera.setEnabledPopupPresentation(false) // to disable showing popup and widget push

Netmera.setEnabledInAppMessagePresentation(true) // to enable showing banner push 
Netmera.setEnabledInAppMessagePresentation(false) // to disable showing banner push 

To recieve popups or in app messages while application is in background:

If you want to recieve popups or in app messages while application is in background, you should enable Remote Notifications at Background Modes from Capabilities.

Devices cannot receive popups:

Devices cannot receive popups or in app messages while application is closed and killed while low battery mode is on. Because that mode disable background application refresh mode.

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