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Push Notifications

Hello there! Let's break down some key aspects of push notifications with Netmera:
Push Payload Receivers: Netmera provides flexibility in handling payload data from the server. You can customize how your app processes and manages push notification payloads based on specific requirements.
Disable/Enable Pop-ups, In-App Messages, and Widgets: This feature allows you to control the types of messages and interactions displayed to users. Easily customize display behavior based on user preferences.
Customize In-App Messages: These messages are shown to users while actively using the app, offering a non-intrusive way to communicate important information or guide users to specific actions.
Media Push: Incorporate images, videos, or GIFs into push notification content for a visually compelling experience.
Carousel, Slider, and Thumbnail Push: Showcase multiple images or content snippets within a single push notification, providing a dynamic user experience.
Custom Web View Presentation: Integrate web content within your app using a custom web view. This feature enables you to seamlessly include web pages, external links, or interactive web experiences within your app's interface.
In the upcoming section, we'll explore how to integrate Netmera's capabilities to send targeted and impactful push notifications to your users.
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