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Deeplinking is a tool that allows you to navigate users from one app or website to a specific location or content within another app.
Universal Links are a specific implementation of Deeplinking introduced by Apple for iOS devices. Universal Links use standard HTTP or HTTPS URLs that are associated with your app. When a user taps on a Universal Link, the system checks if the corresponding app is installed on the device. If it is, the link opens the app directly; if not, the link opens in a web browser.
The advantage of using App Links for Android is that it provides a consistent and streamlined user experience across different channels. When a user encounters a link to your app, such as in a website or a social media post, Android recognizes the association and opens the content within the app, if installed. If the app is not installed, the link can fallback to a web browser or prompt the user to install the app from the Play Store.
By incorporating deeplinks into your app, you can enable seamless navigation, deep linking from various sources, and maximize user engagement.